One of the prime reasons for the rapid development of the last century, in a wide variety of fields, has been extensive research. And universities and academia in general are the best places for ideas to grow and be nurtured in their initial stage. The level of research going on in a university not only reflects the potential of the university but also attracts qualified scholars to work in that particular academy.

With that said, Pulchowk Campus is one of the leading institutions in the field of Engineering in Nepal. Every year hundreds of students enroll here for four (hopefully) productive and fruitful years. They undergo lots of activities that transform them from a student to a professional. And we feel, one of those needs to be academic research.

So, Zerone Scholar, is the outcome of a need for a true technical journal at the Undergraduate level in Pulchowk Campus. Papers published in this journal thus, reflects the student’s progress. Furthermore, this journal can be seen as a stepping stone, a chance for students to immerse themselves in the world of academic research and showcase their research skills.

In many cases though it has been observed that some field needing an extensive level of research may not have sufficient budget. This journal also acts as a platform to bring to light those research topics even though they may not be commercially aligned or viable.

All in all, the primary goal is to encourage students to get involved in research and display their skills.