Fully User-Compatible Microgrid Network and Its Control

A Concept

  • Sulav Ghimire Department of Electrical Engineering, IOE Pulchowk


Microgrids have been an alternative to costly procedureofutilitygridexpansiontoelectrifyaratherruralarea.This paperproposesamodelofmicrogridwithDistributedGeneration (DG) and capability to interconnect with other microgrids, and alsowiththeutilitygridforpowerexchange,whenevernecessary. The proposed structure consists of generation part, storage part, distribution part and control and conversion part. A new concept of Hybrid Energy Storage System (HESS) has been used for energy storage. Also, a fully functional control hub has been proposed, which could be used to connect number of generation units, both AC and DC, and could supply to both AC and DC distribution feeders. The scope of this proposed model is also discussed in this paper. 

Dec 21, 2016
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